Is the Grass Always Greener on the Other Side

There’s an old expression, “the grass is always greener on the other side”. But is it really? What happens when the grass grows too long and is cut too short? Or when the grass becomes brown from not watering enough?  Is the grass still greener on the other side? Think about your perception of it now vs later. It could be the difference maker.

Our perceptions to certain crises are a reflection of our true emotional and cognitive state. Our position at that moment dictates our approach and outcome. There are individuals that spend their lives searching for greener grass upon each crisis. They are moving their feet in one direction only. Upon coming to a dead end, they don’t know what to do. Sometimes they stand and wait for the next opportunity. Becoming frustrated as time passes on. Unfortunately, we can’t always control certain matters, but we can learn to channel our approaches better by thinking logically, not emotionally.

We all go into various crises thinking the worse. It’s just human nature to assume the negative rather than the positive. As you look around, there’s greener pasture everywhere. For a moment, you’d give anything to trade places. Be free from the situation and move along the pathways. But why trade places? Why not change those perceptions to gain leverage of the situation?

Throughout the day our emotional and cognitive state is much like a roller coaster. One moment we are up and the next, down. When we are on incline, we tend to approach certain matters with more of a positive outlook. We are moving our feet along the pathways. The little things are really small potatoes. However, the challenge is when we get caught in decline. Suddenly, we are more defensive and pessimistic. Or better yet, we begin to question where the grass is greener. The key aspect is how we transition ourselves once we are in decline.

In moments of decline, it’s about recognizing the playing field. It’s always the same two choices. Either go down or rise up. That’s it, nothing in-between. The choice is yours alone. The only way you are going to get anywhere is to start moving your feet forward. Circle around, try different approaches. If one door doesn’t open, try the next, and the next. Keep trying until a door opens. Even if it opens, it may not be the best approach. Don’t settle, keep those feet moving.  Don’t shy away from obstacles, embrace them as building blocks. You can’t give up no matter how challenging the crisis may be. You must find a way to push yourself to get back on incline.

Take a moment to think about those crises that caught you on decline. What was your initial reaction? What happened? Looking back, how would you have handled the situation differently? Perhaps the grass was really greener on your side. How will you “keep your feet moving?”


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