October 24, 2014 – Legacy, a tribute to my grandfather

There are certain legacies you can’t quite put into context with words. Collaboration of stories can only shed a small glimpse of the impact left behind. Even after they are gone, their legend continues to grow.

I am 38 years old and I am all too familiar with the impacts of life and death. I’ve seen more in past few years that many can endure in a lifetime. And even through all these experiences, I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how prepared you are, the moment it transcends, your strength is tested. Mixed emotions follow and you find yourself trying to make sense of it all. Asking hypothetical questions that have no answers, yet you continue to seek alternative ways of comfort. But, in the end, it’s your strength that carries you through.

My grandfather coined the phrase, “Everyday is a good day.” He never complained about anything or offered excuses. When times were challenging and chaotic, he always maintained calmness. He was a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, cousin, friend, and a true philosopher. His philosophy on life was simple and as he left this world, he taught many of us key successes of life. Most important of all was that “Everyday is a good day.”

In life, it’s not so much as to what you do, but how you impact others. That’s the legacy you leave behind. Words of wisdom that can be used to provide an inspiration, touching the lives of many. Enabling them to share your very words of wisdom, creating a ripple effect. Impacts of life and death symbolize different attributes, it’s up to you determine your own legacy.

His legacy continues and “keep those feet moving.”

October 17, 2014 – Never stand down

Where we go in life can be based upon our perceptions. It determines whether we achieve success and overcome our greatest obstacles.

The single largest flaw that we exhibit is that negative thoughts penetrate and alter our perceptions. Although it’s not done purposefully, it’s part of our system’s response to protect us from greater harm or barriers. Negativity will always present itself, it doesn’t hide long. As a society, we generally focus more on negative attributes as way of finding comfort to the issues presented and testing different scenarios as a way of coping. We consistently replay conversations and experiences as a way of justifying. Our perceptions can bring us darkness and doom, but also light and hope. Once you master how to counterattack, you’ll begin to achieve greater success.

Be tough. Look directly at your greatest challenge and tell yourself that you will not stand down. That you will not subdue to defeat. That despite odds, you have what it takes to succeed, to soar higher. As confidence builds, a new rush feeling settles in. You gain strength. Your pathways ahead begin to clear and your goals are within sight. Go ahead and start taking those steps forward. Hold back nothing. Believe in yourself. Every moment is an opportunity to succeed. But you got to want it. You got to fight for it. Your support will always be there, but in the end, it’s your perception that propels you to success and to overcome obstacles.

Never stand down and “keep those feet moving.”

October 10, 2014 – Humor

No matter how challenging the day may be, no matter how awful you may feel, always look for the humor in life.

We go through life from one activity to the next. Whether it’s work, doctor appointments, obligations, or anything else, the opportunity to slow down to rest is almost nonexistent. We shuffle our feet along looking for reprieve from our daily routine or challenges. Any ounce of disenchantment or unfavorable outcomes can send us backwards. We become so conditioned to being caught up in the moment that we nearly miss certain golden opportunities surrounding us.

If crises and unfavorable outcomes are poison, then humor is the antidote. The slightest smile or laugh can quickly change perceptions in a blink of an eye. For that tiny millisecond, you are free from those chains holding you down. Our days are filled with challenges and various crises, but they are also filled with humor. You may not see it, but it’s there. You just have to look fourth dimensionally for it.

Life is not all grey and disenchantments. It’s colorful and full of opportunities. The next time you are down, look for humor to help you back up. And if you fall down laughing, that’s okay too. It’s called living life to the fullest.

Find life’s humor and “keep those feet moving.”

October 3, 2014 – 500

Certain milestones deserve recognition. A sincere appreciation for the body of work created and dedication. Too often we are consumed by negative attributes to realize the positives. And for a moment, it’s okay to relish personal accomplishments.

I am humbled and proud to convey that last week we achieved 500 likes on Facebook. A milestone that we all can be proud of together. This blog is designed to enhance the lives of others. This achievement is not about me, but it’s about you and your desires to join a movement that we are moving one day at a time. Our reach has touched many around the world. Followers from six continents have taken an active interest to share our movement. Every day is an opportunity to share this blog and reach out to those in need. Each day is an opportunity for others to join us.  Although we’ve had individuals unlike our page, I find comfort knowing that I’ve done my best to provide a frame of work that all can relate to. Some weeks the frame of work are better than others. Like roller coasters, it does have its peaks and valleys, rapid turns. But in the end, this movement is a marathon, not a sprint, while I’ve personally set goals to reach 250 and 500 likes on Facebook, I’ve now turned my attention to 1000. As for WordPress followers, we are up to 65. I thank each and every one of you for being a part of this.

Anytime milestones are achieved, it doesn’t mean that work ends. Instead new goals are established and the journey along the pathways continue. The most exciting aspect of milestones is look back and smile at just how far you’ve come. Always be proud of what you’ve accomplished and never let anyone take that away from you. It doesn’t matter whether your milestones are big or small, that’s immaterial. What matters most is how it important it is to you. Every day we fight on, moving those mountains to soar to great heights. One by one we march, this is just the beginning.

Onward to 1000 and “keep those feet moving.”

September 26, 2014 – Fear of falling

Fears erode our confidence level. They become mental blocks and very difficult to overcome in certain scenarios. How can we overcome our fears to live better lives for ourselves?

Upon ice skating I’ve come to the conclusion that those that develop a fear of falling become limited as they navigate their way around the rink. Their confidence level dwindles upon each glide as if fear itself is in control. The fear of falling, getting hurt, or humiliation are all aspects associated. However, it’s really your own perception that creates fear. It’s all in your head, a mental block. It’s not that you can’t skate, you just have to let go of your fear of doing so.  And when you do, your confidence soars.

If you go through life in fear, you’ll never capitalize on opportunities. You’ll be hindered on your potential and it’ll have a direct influence on the outcome. You can’t go through life being afraid of something that may or may not happen. The more you focus on your fears and potential mishaps ahead, you run a greater risk of actually not succeeding. We can hide behind fears or we can work to overcome them. Gain new confidence, gain new strength, and move mountains once again. It’s okay to fear unknowns associated, however, don’t let fear define you. You define fear. Never back down and never hide. For every punch you get hit with, fight back. Look your challenger in the eye and regain control. This is about you. This is your life, live how you want to live. But leave the fear behind.

Conquer your fears and “keep those feet moving.”

September 19, 2014 – Fight on

Have you truly done all you can do? All those battles you fight, do you remain standing? What more can you do to change the pending outcome ahead, to make a difference? Go ahead, look yourself in the mirror and answer these questions honesty without any hesitations or doubts.

Often we make excuses to justify our struggles, our avoidance, and why we succumb to pressures surrounding us. We hide behind common phrases such: I can’t, I tried, I give up, it’s too hard, nothing is working, why bother, no matter what I do…

Ask yourself again, have you truly done all you can do? If at any point those common phrases are part of your routine vocabulary, then the answer is that you haven’t done everything you can. You haven’t given it your best effort. Instead, you are merely looking for an easy way out that doesn’t exist. Perhaps it’s easier giving up and walking away from the battle. But remember, giving up equates to heartache and pain. While giving up may be a common trait for many, but that’s not you. You are stronger than that. There are no excuses; you know what you have to do. Earn the respect you deserve. No matter how many times you get knocked down, get back up and try again. And again.

Every day ask yourself whether you’ve truly done all you can do. Keep fighting. As long as you continue to fight, you are doing everything you can. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting. Medical science doesn’t define you, you define medical science. Misfortunes don’t limit you, you rise above. Fate doesn’t control your destiny, you control your destiny. Every day battles come and go as it’s a part of life. Only you can decide how you want to fight.

Fight on and “keep those feet moving.”

September 11, 2014 – Closure

September 11 will forever be a day of remembrance. A day when open wounds resurface and we come together for an opportunity to express our sorrows once more. Relive the horrors of what we’ve seen and/or experienced. Whether directly or indirectly, we’ve all been impacted by the turn of events. We have stories of our own to share. As for open wounds, how can they close?

The world is filled with tragedies after tragedies. None of it makes sense or can be justified. I don’t know which is worse to experience, a sudden or prolonged death. Is there truly a better scenario? If it’s sudden, you experience initial shock and anger follows. If it’s prolonged, you experience the pain and agony of watching the minutes tick and a void settles in afterwards. In the end, there isn’t any scenario that makes it easy. When it’s all said and done, you are left with how to deal with the closure aspect.

Closure enables us to heal. It provides an end to a chapter horribly written. We can spend our lives in mourning, in self-defeat, in agony. Or you can fight your way out and climb again. Our losses are filled with void from a presence perspective; however, it’s their strength that continues to live within us. It provides comfort knowing they are never truly far away.

Finding closure enables you to celebrate the life, not mourn the loss. On a day like this, we find ourselves reflecting back not just looking for answers, but trying to relive certain memories. Sometimes it’s a wonder whether we live out certain memories because we continue to mourn or if we are afraid of losing them entirely. The sooner you begin to accept life for what it is, the easier it is to heal. Instead of seeking the answers to rhetorical questions of life, embrace what you have and all the experiences that go with it.

Find your closure and “keep those feet moving.”