December 19, 2014 – Essence of time

It has been said that individuals come and go in our lives every day. That we are given life for a divine purpose. And when that purpose is fulfilled, we transcend to the heavens above, leaving a legacy behind.

Individuals that touch our lives provide us a great gift by giving us joy and memories. Leaving a profound impression that change our lives forever. They capture our hearts by their smiles and laughter. They’ve become us as we’ve become them. And in the end it’s the stories we tell that enables their legacy to carry on.

As their legacy carries on through the essence of time, it’s a strange feeling knowing they are gone longer than we’ve known them. Detailed memories fade to become simple memories. Sounds of voices become softened. Images become still pictures. And when it’s all said and done, you can only smile at the impact left behind.

As the days, months, and years go by we continue to go about our lives. But there is a part of them that we will always carry with us and no one can take that away.

Make no mistake, life is precious. How we touch the lives of others make it that more special. We all have a purpose. It’s up to us to make the best of what we’ve been given. Every day is an opportunity to seize the day. To make a difference. To live life.

Touch the lives of others and “keep those feet moving.”

December 12, 2014 – Speak up

No matter how tired I am, I will not stop to rest. No matter the challenges, I will not quit. No matter how what lies ahead, I will control my destiny.

Inspire. Persevere. Excellence. Power. Energize. Excel. Perfection. Achievement. All relate to motivation. Whether you use motivation to overcome health, fitness, or life challenges, it all comes down to one aspect. Your desire to control your own destiny and rewrite the script to your life.

The more I hear and read about those affected by cancer to some capacity, the more the reality of it is that we are in a huge battle. Medical science and support can only get you so far in the battle. The rest is up to you and how you want to fight. Every day, peaks and valleys will surface, you got to find motivation to keep standing and to keep fighting.

I can fight battles and provide motivation. I can challenge perceptions and provide confidence. Give me the chance to prove to others that said finding a cure for cancer can’t be done. To build a world free from pain and suffering. To give back to those that struggle from the perils of cancer or any other crisis. This is my motivation. What’s stopping you from achieving yours?

Speak up, tell me, tell the community what you need to fight. We are here to support, guide, and listen. As I’ve said many times before, mountains do move. Together we will help you push.

Control your destiny and “keep those feet moving.”

December 5, 2014 – What is it going to take to beat cancer?

What is it going to take to beat cancer? How many more lives are going to be lost? How more affected?

Upon addressing crisis management for extended periods, being prepared, and providing alternative perceptions, even I can still be mystified by turn of events.

A recent friend’s passing had me eat my words that I previously wrote that I don’t lose twice. Words cannot bring to context my thoughts with regards to how I feel about cancer. I can only shake my head in disgust.

How did it get to this point? Where even medical science is helpless against the evil perils of cancer such as glioblastoma/stage 4. I’ve pondered and pondered. Still shaking my head. In the end I’ve come to the following conclusion that we cannot beat cancer with basic medical science alone. It’s too strong. Too ugly. We’ve become powerless. It’s not say that chances of survival are nonexistent, but upon facing a glioblastoma, it takes on an entire new dynamic.

Medical science tends to attack cancer at its source of origination. A starting point and clear objective to contain/destroy cancer cells. But is this truly effective? Is this the best army we have to attack? Alternatively, why not find the DNA strand and start there. Get blood cells to replicate and engage the body to fight its own battles too. Sometimes I wonder whether researchers actually found a way to cure and potentially prevent cancer, but lobbyist for drug companies have been too influential. Who knows for sure. But what I can tell you is that while this notion continues to get sorted out, cancer continues to strike at free will.

Cancer awareness is prevalent across the world. We are united to support and fight battles. Never stop believing that together we can move mountains. We continue marching on and pushing each day, growing in numbers. And for those that are not yet on board, my question to you is how many more lives must be lost? How many more affected?

Join us and “keep those feet moving.”

November 28, 2014 – Holidays

Holidays can be challenging for many. Remembrances of loved ones, broken relationships, family chaos, and sometimes just feeling lost in the shuffle come with the territory. Emotions swell and often may get the best of you. Instead of enjoying the holidays, you start counting down until they pass.

Sometimes the void is the root of our emotions during the holidays. The pain, the fear, or the sadness that surrounding us always makes it that much more difficult. Yet, it doesn’t have to be like that.

Rather than succumb to your emotions, try an alternative approach. Ride the waves and just go with the flow. Whatever chaos that comes with it, simply accept it for what it’s worth. You can shake your head, shrug your shoulders, or roll your eyes. But in the end, just go with it. It can be laughable, if you let it be.

It’s not easy and thereby aren’t any shortcuts, however, you have more control of your emotions than you think. Focus on the good, rather than the bad or void. Laugh. Smile. Be patient. The holidays are wonderful times and good moments always surface. Naturally expect chaos and head scratching moments, but enjoy what you have, not what you don’t have.

Loss of loved ones and broken relationships are part of life. It’s okay to move on and enjoy yourself. Their memories will always be with you, but it’s also time to make new memories too.

Go with the flow and “keep those feet moving.”

November 21, 2014 – Greatness

Never back down from a challenge. Close your eyes. Feel the rush of adrenaline upon reaching new heights. Focus on your thoughts. Stay determined. Strive to push yourself even further and test unlimited boundaries. There is no failure, only achievements and success.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. That you don’t have the strength or skills. That there is nothing more that can be done. While those words do get spoken, in the end, it’s not for them to decide. To dictate. To determine your pathways.

There will always be critics. There will always be unfavorable outcomes. It’s part of life. How you respond makes all the difference. It begins with perception and ability to move forward. Once you are able to separate the emotional aspects from the challenge presented, you can begin to see open pathways ahead. It may not be easy and you may have stumbling blocks along the journey, but the reward at the end is far greater than imagined.

Never be afraid to achieve success in life. Only you can make greatness happen. Only you can create those miracles you dream of. The greater the challenge exposed, the harder you’ll have to work. If something isn’t working correctly, change it. Keep changing the formula until you get it right. Never stop to rest. And one day you’ll look back and be proud of your accomplishments. You’ll see how far you’ve come. But don’t look back too long, you still have more greatness to achieve ahead.

Climb those stumbling blocks and “keep those feet moving.”

November 14, 2014 – Pep talk

I have no pain because I can’t feel it. I have no fear because I am not afraid. I cannot be stopped because I am always moving. I cannot succumb to defeat because I am too determined to overcome obstacles ahead. There is nothing I can’t do. I am in full control. I own the script to my life.

Talk yourself up just enough and perceptions will change.  Mountains will move and you will climb to soar new heights. Every day is another opportunity to rise above all.

There are no excuses. No time to be afraid. No time to waste. No defeats.

The power lies within you. It’s been given to you as a gift. Learn to channel it and you can empower your life to greater capacity. One step forward is all that it takes. Life throws you curves, but you already possess the ability to overcome. Each day is another opportunity to move forward. No matter the obstacles, no matter how tough it is, keep taking one foot forward.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment to recharge, to refocus, and to re-shift perceptions. Whether words are spoken or written, the message conveyed is strong and clear. It’s up to you to decide whether you are inspired and motivated to do something about it. So go ahead, ponder for a moment. Collect your thoughts and determine how you want to empower your life. Now is your chance.

Re-energize and “keep those feet moving.”

November 7, 2014 – Comfort zone

Our comfort zone gives us security, gives us confidence, and keeps us content. Over time we become dependent on it, reluctant to indulge into anything that may disturb it. Instead we choose comfort over new opportunities presented. But what happens when our comfort zone suddenly becomes a personal barrier?

There are always trade-offs in life. You want to make more money, but not switch jobs. You want a clean bill of health, but elect not to take proper care of yourself. You want to go out with friends for an evening, but choose to relax at home after a long day. Rarely does the opportunity present itself that you can have it all. Alternatively you come to the conclusion that something has got to give.

How many opportunities have been lost by staying within the confines of your comfort zone? How many times have you wished you reacted differently and actually took that opportunity presented? We’ve all been there. The past can’t be changed, but the future hasn’t been written yet.

As we age, our comfort zone generally defines us. It’s the reason why we are not further along in our careers, recovery, or in life. We use our comfort zone as an excuse for our actions. Why? Because it’s simply easier than putting forth the effort.

What are we afraid of? Failure? Disappointment? Ridicule? Perhaps a combination of all. But you can’t go through life shielding yourself within the confines of your comfort zone. You will never overcome those barriers you face, you will never pride yourself knowing that you have an opportunity to lead a better, more enriched life.

The next time you are presented an opportunity. Accept it and disregard your comfort zone. Even if you feel lost, insecure, or scared. The most important aspect is that you take an initiative. Grow confidence. Act as if. Change your perception. Step into a new zone. Think about it, which is worse, stepping outside your comfort zone or missing out on new opportunities to enhance your life? Yes, there are trade-offs, but isn’t that what living is all about?

Step out and “keep those feet moving.”