July 25, 2014 – Take a stand

Too often we accept what’s been given to us. Reluctant to challenge unfavorable outcomes, medical diagnoses, and authority. Instead we tend to exhibit passive behaviors, struggling to move forward.

You could create an argument that much of it is out of our control and that there isn’t anything that can be done about it. But I challenge you think otherwise. You have options. You decide whether you want to act upon those options. In any situation, there are two outcomes. Favorable or unfavorable. No grey areas, simply straight forward.

Regardless of the situation or outcome, take a stand for what you will accept.

Didn’t get the promotion or job? Change your approach and create your next opportunity.

Medical exam met with mixed results? Take a moment to reflect and then focus on the upcoming one.

Can’t get anywhere with customer service? Take a step back, re-evaluate, and then negotiate better alternatives that align to what you want.

What many fail to realize that we have more power and control than we think. Unfavorable outcomes present opportunities for us to rise above all and move mountains. It starts with perception. Once you set your sights to soar, nothing can stop you. Don’t accept what’s been given, shrug it off and determine your own acceptance. Never settle for less. There are always better alternatives. The first offer may not always the best. But it’s a starting point. You can only improve your prospects going forward.

Take a stand and “keep those feet moving.”

July 18, 2014 – Baggage

We all have baggage. The question is who’s going to carry it, them or you?

Too often we look for others to carry our baggage. Whether it’s medical, financial, family, career, or relationship oriented, it all circulates back to the fact that we prefer to have others do the heavy lifting. We stress the need to lighten loads and mitigate risks associated. But at the end day despite unsuccessfully unloading our baggage, we are in the same exact position as we started the day. In other words, it’s our baggage. Giving it to others won’t get us anywhere; it’s ours to carry alone.

Some baggage may be difficult to detach from as memories fill space. Why is that we struggle to remember good memories, yet it’s much easier to remember the bad ones? The only conclusion is that you are simply not ready to let go. You are holding either as a lesson learned or the scarring tissue is still too deep.

Most baggage we carry, we created by making unfavorable choices earlier without any regards to the repercussions that follow. Not to place blame, but where’s our accountability? Understanding that certain baggage may result from unwanted circumstances, however, how can we climb mountains if we continue to carry excessive amounts of baggage? If we’ve learned anything, we succeed by taking control of situations and pushing ourselves to soar new heights.

Take a look at the baggage you carry. How did you obtain it, why do you continue to carry it, and what are going to do about it? And finally, what can you let go?

I won’t deny the fact that letting go is a challenge within itself. Unfortunately, some baggage can never be let go entirely due to certain extremes. However, you do have choices moving forward. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to carry and how high you want to climb. To achieve greatness, there are no limits, only obstacles.

Carry only what you need and “keep those feet moving.”

July 11, 2014 – Learning to ride

As a child, learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels is one of the most fearful, challenging moments. Trying to find balance while pedaling, fears of falling and scraping knees, to losing the will and motivation to continue because it’s too hard are all attributes to learning to ride. It’s no different than the challenges we face in life. But do we fear failure or are we simply unmotivated?

Teaching and watching my daughter learn to ride a bicycle without training wheels provides a sense of correlation to those that struggle to overcome personal challenges. You are eager to begin the process, excited about the endless opportunities ahead. However, after each unsuccessful attempt, momentum is quickly lost. Suddenly the idea of success is replaced with fear and the lack of motivation.

We often place more pressure on ourselves to succeed. We are driven by the need of personal achievements. Any bumps can send us to a downward spiral. As in learning to ride a bicycle, you continue to pedal, shift your balance, and steer toward the direction of travel. There may be crashes along the way as it is all part of the learning process. But no matter how many times you fall off, always get back on and try again. Success is not determined how many times it takes you to achieve, but how you respond to adversity.

Eventually my daughter will conquer her fear of falling off the bicycle and will ride. It takes time, patience, and understanding the task at hand. While we may be inpatient as our hopes dwindle on every attempt, it’s easy to forget that life is not a sprint, but a marathon. What doesn’t work today, may work tomorrow. In any event, always finish strong.

Get back on the bicycle and “keep those feet moving.”

July 4, 2014 – Competitive nature

Our competitive nature is alive and well within us. Whether we are competitive towards athletics, academics, family, relationships, or career advancement, it’s the degree of competitiveness that separates us all. Being competitive is not necessarily a negative trait; it just means there is desire.

I am competitive by nature, especially towards athletics and medical science. Academics can be directed based upon preparation and repetition. Family and relationships are about understanding the resistance points and how to redirect leverage. Regardless of the competitiveness, win or lose, you must accept the consequences to follow. Realistically, you can’t win every opportunity presented. It’s just not possible. However, it’s what you gain from defeat that adds to your competitiveness.

My competitiveness towards medical science in recent years has only escalated. Researching root causes for illnesses and how it can be prevented. Understanding why various clinical trials are more successful than others and whether a correlation exists between them. Learning about new medical advancements and how patients have been cured. Each day I read or hear about those that battling various illnesses. My first inclination is reach out and offer support. Ask questions trying to uncover a miraculous solution. But I’ve learned to be respectful and limit any medical science knowledge. Instead I tackle these illnesses from a support perspective. Offer those the opportunity to utilize their own strength to overcome their illness. I am not suggesting that I have the exact knowledge and resources to find a cure, however, my competitiveness will enable me to be an advocate, giving back to those that need it.

I truly believe our competitiveness determines whether we are successful in overcoming challenges. There are those that thrive under pressure, always looking to elevate to the next level. Taking on whatever comes their way. Never shy away, never give up. There will be moments that you fall behind. Your support will line up to cheer you on, but it’s your inner drive that enables you to catchup. And ultimately reach the finish line.

Beat your competition and “keep those feet moving.”

June 27, 2014 – Underdog

As a society, we root for the underdog. We look for that feel good story and how challenges were overcome. We are fascinated how expectations exceeded initial projection. And when it’s all said and done, we remain amazed upon the outcome and talk about it for years to come.

It’s only fitting to compare underdogs to the present day WorldCup soccer in Brazil. The US National Team drew the toughest grouping imaginable. Very few expected the team to have a fighting chance against the powers within the group. On paper, the storylines were written well before the first match. The US National Team was not expected to prevail. But the US National Team had other ideas on how to write the script.

In many aspects, I relate to the US National Team as my entire life I’ve always been the underdog. Everyday exceeding expectations, making the most of opportunities presented. For every hundred times I get knocked down, I get back up each and every time. You’ll never see me struggle, you’ll never see megive up. I am too strong, too determined to succumb to defeatand pressure. I built myself to win, to exceed expectations, to overcome challenges. It’s my perception that enables me to believe in myself and my abilities that there isn’t anything I can’t conquer. Go ahead, continue to label me an underdog. But I’ll be at the finish line awaiting my next challenge.

As underdogs, opportunities surround us. It’s a matter of capitalizing and finishing strong. It doesn’t matter that ninety-nine out of hundred times may end unfavorably, what matters most is that one opportunity presented. One time is all that is needed.

There are no limits in life. Barriers are made to be knocked down. Go the distance and push yourself to extremes. There is no reward for mediocrity. No one is going to pat you on the back and commend you for trying. Strive to be the best and only the best.

See you at the finish line and “keep those feet moving.”

June 20, 2014 – You against you

Why do we blame others for our various mishaps? Why do we fail to understand that many surrounding circumstances are really in our own control? We become so focused on negative attributes that we become misguided about the opportunities that are truly ahead.

In theory, it’s you against you. All those perceptions are entirely base upon thoughts, struggles, and frustration. It you truly break it down, your life is really a jigsaw puzzle. At any given moment, your core structure can become undone and misplaced. All the pieces in your life suddenly become scattered and you begin to question your strength, surroundings, and life.

Health, financial, career, family, and support are all vital pieces needed to construct a puzzle. Piece by piece, they all intertwine with each other. The challenge is trying to determine where pieces belong and how to reconnect them. Do you start with the border first and isolate key segments or do you start working the inside first?

More often than not, we rely on others to fight our battles, give us the competitive edge, or a clean bill of health. We make excuses why we can’t overcome, we argue points based upon speculation without merit, we become convinced someone or something else is to blame for our mishaps. In the end, all these battles that we are fighting are really against ourselves. Until you are ready to accept that, you’ll continue miss out on opportunities to better enhance your life.

Personally, I’ve reconstructed my own puzzle multiple times within the past few years. I’ve learned that there are certain pieces that don’t fit and rather than trying to make it work, I elect to look for a better fit. Not all pieces are going to fit the first time, or the second time. But they will fit eventually. It’s about control and taking action for yourself. No one will give you a free pass, you have to earn it by putting the pieces together yourself. In any crisis you face, only you can influence the outcome. You may receive some assistance along the way, but that assistance can only take you so far. Once you are able to overcome your own internal battles, the battles ahead will be much easier to conquer. Remember, it’s not about you and against the world. It’s about you and against you.

Only you can prevail and “keep those feet moving.”

June 13, 2014 – A look back

As you stroll down the pathways of your journey throughout life, you sometimes wonder how far you’ve come emotionally or physically. Little forks in the road present challenges and you must quickly select new paths to travel upon. There are always roadblocks ahead and barriers to overcome. But as you look back for a moment, you got to believe you’ve come a long way from where you started.

I began blogging exactly six months ago with the hopes of being able to inspire and motive others to better enhance their lives by communicating my thoughts, feelings, and perceptions on various matters of relevance. Sharing my own personal challenges enabled me to climb my own mountains. Hopefully with words of wisdom, philosophy, and encouragement, you’ve began to climb your own mountains too.

I am gracious for social media. Never did I think I would reach this many individuals so quickly. But there is still more to reach and I thank you for your support and your continued interests.

We all want to be inspired, be motivated. There are many avenues on the Internet and support groups that can provide valuable knowledge, however, it can be quite overwhelming. You can read and discuss inspiration and motivation all day, but until you begin to take decisive action, you’ll remain in the exact same position indefinitely.

There are always more than one ways of opening a door. You can open it from the top of the handle, bottom, two fingers, and so on. But the end result is still the same. It doesn’t matter how you got in, but rather what you do once you are in. More often than not, you act upon initial instinct, but there will be times when you need a more strategic approach. If you spend five minutes trying to figure something out, you’ve spent four minutes too long. Go ask for assistance. Sure we want to figure things out on our own immediately, but at what costs? There will always be doors that present certain barriers and challenges, but with the right support behind you, you won’t have to go through those doors alone.

I don’t have all the answers, nor do I pretend do. More often than not, I simply go with the flow and stimulate the trial and error concept. Using logic, reasoning, philosophy, and some knowledge when put together somehow all makes sense. I blog about building strength to move mountains because of the action it creates. I challenge you to think different and change your perception to lead to a better life. Examine various setbacks as a strength, not a weakness. If you can apply everything you’ve learned, you’ll begin to see those mountains move.

Think about how far you’ve come and “keep those feet moving.”